About the size

Iron Vaper flavors, why choose them?

They are made with the best raw materials.
Even in 15ml aroma format, you can find the same quality and originality
  of the 
premium products
  Iron Vaper®️.  

Why 15ml?

Although it is an unusual format,  Iron Vaper®️  does not stop in front of  models 

We believe that the right amount of components useful to make 100ml of 
liquid `` do-it-yourself '', are contained in 15ml of aroma, in which they harmonize
all the components necessary to create a superior quality product.
At the same price as the 10ml aromas we give you an extra 5ml of product, so that the
final result can be more full of taste and more similar to '' ready '' products.

Why does Flavor Max say on some labels?

all products marked with this logo have a dual function:
- they can be used to make 100ml, like the other Iron Vaper®️ flavors
- they can be mixed together, to customize your own recipe.
At will and without any restrictions.

Just respect the proportions: 15ml of aroma per 100ml of final product.
Do you want to have fun creating your own recipes?

with Flavor Max it is impossible to go wrong, because the components of the individual 
aromas are structured in anticipation of any mix between the various products of the
Flavor Max line.