About the size

The minishot were born with very specific objectives, even nice ones if we want.

As a company that has always dedicated its products to an above average customer segment, during the period in which small and sometimes malfunctioning systems prevailed, mortifying the effectiveness of vaping and distancing customers from what they were passionate about, we wanted to dedicate a line of products to help ignite a new flame on that idea that was the vape not so long ago.

"Vaping as a passion" does not mean spending a lot of money to collect mods and make cloud races. Being passionate means having one more reason to stay away from smoking. 

Quitting smoking, and becoming a vaper, is important; but it is even more important to continue to be so.

The minishot wanted to contribute to this, accompanying those who are using pod-minipod-contropod towards a different level of vaping, without raging on their pockets.

Minishot - a 15ml format (on a dripper lasts 15 seconds) re-balanced in their structure to preserve the original flavor of the recipes, but adapting to the most compact systems.

But the minishot also hide a little secret (of pulcinella) useful for those who continue to vape in mods of a certain type but who too many times have been disappointed by the liquid bought ... because they expected something else.

When it comes to the taste of a product, an expectation is created in the mind of the listener of what the product will be, which many times does not reflect the truth. This does not mean that the product is invalid or that someone is deceiving you ...

Put it this way: I tell you coffee and vanilla, how many of you have thought about the greater presence of coffee? Have many of you thought about espresso? and how many of you have thought of vanilla cream? this may not be the case (example: American coffee and faint notes of vanilla beans), because there is no more correct form of communication than the others, the producer should talk to each individual user and ask "what do you expect?" - "what are you understanding?" and then confirm, or perhaps orient him on the analogous product (which exists, I'm sure) that he was expecting.

We are working to improve product descriptions, trying to use the listener's language better and better. And being constantly present on social networks is part of this commitment. We are here to tell you what we photograph.

But to be truly efficient, everyone (producers, shopkeepers, vapers, ex-smokers) should use the same communication code, and all pay the same attention to those who tell us a product.

The minishot solve the problem for us, because you buy a small one, if you like it then take the large format (saving on the total).

At the moment there are 27 flavors on sale, but at least as many in gift format that you can request at the shops (by purchasing a large-format IV product, the shopkeeper will always be happy to give you a free-sample and let you taste a new taste).

For us, Minishot does not mean jumping into the world of the small format, but it means contributing to the appreciation of the large one.